I spent way more money this month than I made in October!  Vacations and doctors bills in the same month will do that to you. Not good.

I have to admit I have never been good at budgeting.  I have always had a sales job so whenever I spent more than I should have, I worked harder to sell more.  Not a good strategy for a Dad with a family of four, even though it worked ok in my twenties. :-)

Knowing that I am not proficient at tracking my income and spending, I begrudgingly looked for an app to help.  Apps get me to do things that I normally wouldn’t do because they usually have a “gameification” aspect to them.  The motivation for a higher score, goal, badge, or some type of visual indicator usually keeps me going.  Well, I found a amazingly simple app that already has helped me become more organized.  You can set up your entire financial world in less than 5 minutes and it works automatically….. right up my alley!  Also, stick around for the end for my bonus app that you will love too!




Real Estate is more confusing than ever these days.  With so many places to spend your time and money, it’s a wonder you have time to sell homes!  Should you be on Twitter?  Should you delete your Facebook business page because it’s a giant time suck and not making you any money?  Website or blog….or both?  When should you throw in the towel on some of these newer forms of exposure (notice I didn’t say marketing).

To understand which mediums are actually working for us or at least moving in the right direction, we need to set a baseline metric for each to start from.  I found a website that can help!  Check out the video to learn more.