Social Media Marketing

The most affordable and effective way to reach new beauty professionals.

Set Up: Facebook Account, Instagram Account, Google+, Google Business Listing. Design profile photo, cover photo, about us, and business info. Add location name to logo for social media posts and ad images.

Social Media Posting: All social media posts are designed by experienced graphic designers using licensed stock photography and state-of-the-art Adobe CS7 design software. Image designs are matched with professionally written content that includes inspirational quotes & phrases, info articles, videos and how to’s, promotions, suite & franchise amenities and benefits. We also announce all new tenants and highlight existing tenant’s services. Our client’s success has proven posting 3 x per week, during high traffic, high leasing times is the most effective strategy.

Boosting Posts: Social media posts are only seen by people on Facebook and Instagram if they are “boosted”. “Boosting” is the Facebook term used for paying to have your post shown to a desired audience. We create highly targeted audiences in Facebook Ads Manager by location, demographics and interests that we use for “boosting” and ad targeting.

Social Media Customer Service & Sales: We scan our clients notifications daily and respond to all fans comments on your posts and to direct messages that are sent to your page.

Reporting: Take the guess work out of your social media strategy. Our comprehensive monthly report shows exactly which posts are the most popular so we can customize your content to your audience’s preferences.

Digital Ads

Beauty professionals are searching for “salons for rent”. Will they find you?

Google Adwords: Hundreds of beauty professionals search for the terms “salon for rent” on Google every month. How will they find your location? Google Adwords. Our approach to Adwords is to create separate campaigns for each popular search subject “A Salon for Rent”, “Salon Suite”, “Salon Studio”. Once your location is open and has created some buzz in social media and within the community we then add a campaign for people searching for your business by name, “Salons By JC”. Each Campaign includes 10-15 Keywords Terms or Phrases, a Call Button on Mobile Phones and Sitelinks which link to pages on your website under the ad.
Facebook & Instagram Ads: Our team of professional graphic designers creates Facebook and Instagram ad images using licensed stock photography, backgrounds and top-of-line Adobe Graphic design software. We create new ad sets every 2 weeks versus setting up your ad and letting it run on and on. This highly effective strategy increases the ads effectiveness, exposure and reduces the cost per click. Our ad services includes new ad design creative every 2-3 months. A comprehensive monthly report is included.
Reporting: Keep your costs down and your number of clicks up. Our comprehensive monthly report provides us the data we need to tailor your Google Ads and Facebook Ads to your specific audiences search terms and preferences. We use this data to optimize your ad even more every single month.

Micro-site Management

Your website may be the only opportunity you have to influence an online lead to call you.
Let our professional web designers manage your Microsite for you. Your site will always be up-to-date with the correct promotion, and have a more professional appearance and captivating images than a site that is not being managed.

Content: We create unique written content based on your location and targeted audience that includes location information active links to videos, a video tour and images. We also customize your slider with new image slides and professionally written content.

Tenant Directory: Your tenant directory can showcase tenants photos, logos links to their social media sites, online booking and website. Keep your directory up-to-date by having this managed for you. Update tenants and add new tenants as needed.


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