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With thousands of Social Media possibilities we strategically place your business with social media sites that are popular among your target market. The key to our social media strategy is being consistent and providing valuable information to new and existing clients and getting them to engage with your brand on social media sites by commenting, liking posts and sharing your content with their friends.

We provide full service social media marketing which includes:

Facebook & Instagram Ads: We set up ad campaigns with detailed targeting so your ads are only shown to your specific market. We design unique images for each ad campaign using professional stock photography.

Social Media Management: We provide ongoing social media posting, management and engagement with your fans.

Posting: Our social media posting service in which we create unique images with a message and your logo to go along with a thoughtfully written post. We use a social media dashboard to post to all of your social media accounts. We utilize cutting edge technology and manage the social media posting from a social media dashboard. This is a very efficient management strategy which Saves You Money! The social media dashboard allows us to view all your accounts simultaneously, schedule posts and post to all channels at the same time.

Monitoring: As part of our social media management package we carefully monitor your pages for messages and comments. We are quick to respond to any messages sent to your social media sites from from new clients and potential leads.

Call now for a free consultation to discuss your social media strategy and how to connect with your target audience!

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